PIXEYE SD1 – Intelligent PAL D1 resolution IP camera.

Perfect choice for building new age quality videosurveillance systems. PixEye SD1 is entirely digital IP camera with intelligent web interface. Excellent ballance between technology, price and image quality. Offers superb quality video with resolution 720x576 at 30 frames per second. Uses standard MJPEG compression.

PIXEYE MEGA – 2 Megapixel Network camera.

Top of the line image quality and extreme resolution for professional videosurveillance systems. Suitable for any high resolution application - banking, casinos, traffic control, warehouses and more. Get 6 times higher resolution than any of the most advanced analog camera.

PIXEYE EXPLORER – 2 Megapixel Autonomous GSM/GPRS remote surveillance still camera.

Watch and control your bulding project remotely. Advertise your hotel, vacation home or rural property. Save your time and avoid travel risks - watch and manage remotely all from your computer. Powered by solar pannel or mains electricity this camera requires only GSM coverage to work.


PixEye offers large variety of lenses - standard, high and megapixel resolution. Board, C-mount, and CS-mount lenses. Only the finest quality from Tamron, Computar, Canon.

Accessories – for our cameras we offer outdoor housings, stands, network components and usefull accessories.


PIXEYE DETECTIVE – Intelligent videosurveillance sofware and network videorecorder. Key component for your complete surveillance system. Fast, reliable and easy to use sotware.



PIXEYE HD1 – Megapixel camera with H264 compression.

Perfect combination between qualty, low bandwidth and storage requirements. Using the most advanced videocompression technology PixEye HD1 allows you to get megapixel resolution with extreme quality at 6-12 times better compression. This allows to store video in best possible quaility and use digital pan-tilt- zoom functions both in real time and when watching the recordings.

PIXEYE IQ1 – Image processing and analyzis intelligent camera.

Put intelligence in the camera – watch, analyze, track and count objects. Track object direction, traectory, defined boundary cross. Allows you to watch and record only the meaningfull information.

PIXEYE ISENS – Intelligent IP camera vision system for multitouch presentation displays and tabletop systems.

The system analyzes the touch points and sends the processed data to the computer using TUIO protocol. We offer also Windows compatible mouse emulation driver (singletouch mode) with gesture recognition for left, right click and scroll.

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