PIXEYE EXPLORER - Autonomous 2 MPIX GSM Network Camera

PixEye Explorer
  • New generation high quality 2 Mpix CMOS Sensor
  • Quality images with brilliant colours
  • Reliable GSM GPRS industrial class modem SonyEricsson
  • Precise temperature sensor
  • Easy to use web based management system
  • Intelligent control system
  • Water resistant box
  • Full records of all pictures and events, preserved on Unix Server

The device is designed for remote monitoring through shooting of all kind of targets which are located on places without internet connection. The camera is provided with high quality 2 Mpix CMOS sensor, which allows receiving of live colours detailed images at wide dynamic range of lighting.

The pictures received from the camera are saved on special internet high reliable server using GSM modem SonyEricsson. The type of the mobile connection is GPRS. Besides shooting the camera makes precise measurement of the temperature of the environment every hour sending this information at regular intervals to the control server.

The device is put in water reistant box, it runs outdoors under all type of climatic conditions. It is powered by the power grid (220 V). By request we offer Solar power supply with battery, which makes the camera fully autonomus – you don`t need electricity or internet connection, just GSM coverage in your region.

Схема на управлението на камерата

The control of the camera is remote over internet made by ultra reliable UNIX server, where the pictures are saved. Thanks to the intuitive webinterface the user can set up a number of hours, when the device has to take pictures or initialise immediately shooting with only one mouse clicking. The server automatically makes the communication over GSM network to all shooting PixEye Explorer cameras.

Уеб страница на камерата

Every camera is provided with own webpage where you can find current and archival pictures as well as information about the temperature. The customer can place own logo and/or additional information on the cameras webpage.

To use PixEye explorer you need SIM card from a mobile provider with excellent coverage in the region and subscription contract for using it.

  • PixEye Explorer ensures crystal clear images with high resolution and rich colours in a wide light range.
  • PixEye Explorer works everywhere GSM is – in actual fact everywhere in the world.
  • PixEye Explorer works under extreme climatic conditions – rain, snow, wind, cold and heat.
  • PixEye Explorer does not need electrical supply – it becomes sun power from an autonomus solar panel.
  • PixEye Explorer can be controlled remotely easy and comfortably with browser.
  • PixEye Explorer is installed and set up quickly.

Technical specifications:

Via the password protected webinterface you can the camera as follows:

  • Take picture now;
  • Take photo on time schedule - for example (every day at 10am 11am 1:35pm 6pm)
  • Resolutions: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200;
  • Temperature information on hourly basis;
  • Public (image can browsed) or private (password protected browse of the images);
  • Owner configurable header and footers of the camera webpage (for example to put your company logo, information and etc) in HTML format;
  • Every camera have dedicated website address you also can redirect a internet domain name to it;
  • Digital pan-tilt-zoom function.

Camera requrements:

GSM SIM card (prepaid or postpaid) with Internet GPRS service enabled (some operators require special one time GPRS activation for new SIM cards by phone or SMS).


For the mains electricity version: 220V/50Hz mains socket in the range of 10 meters to the cam. By request we can supply additional cable extender upto 20 meters and 110V power adaptor.

For the solar version: Solar panel should be mounted facing South. There must be clear view to the sky - without high buildings and other objects that can cover sun for extended periods. During the winter the snow should be cleared from the panel to ensure normal operation.


  • EN55022 class B - Emission
  • EN55024 - Immunity
  • EN60950-1 - Safety

Temperature range:

From -20°C to +50°C


Manual (PDF): Instruction Manual PIXEYE Explorer.

Call Support Applications


> Monitoring and advertising of construction sites

Снимка от камерата

> Surveillance of distant properties – houses, villas, etc.

Снимка от камерата

> Advertisment of tourists sites – hotels, health resorts, etc.

Снимка от камерата

> Security and control

Снимка от камерата

> Climate monitoring

Снимка от камерата
Beach Ski Resort Field Night Street