• > PIXEYE cameras were honoured with Golden Medal award and diploma on the Internation Technical Fair Plovdiv
  • > PIXEYE was ISO9001 certified by AENOR INTERNATIONAL и IQNET (certificate ER-1174/2008).


  • Crime fighting

  • Network video surveillance is on of the most usefull instruments in the fight against crime. Installed in private or public place our cameras can prevent theft or help to reveal theft, vandalism and other crimes.

  • In Education

  • Video surveillance of school yards, corridors, halls and school rooms.

  • Traffic

  • Remote surveillance of the traffic, freeways, railway stations, bus stations, airports and other.

  • In Banks and bank vaults

  • Videosurveillance of bank salons, cash dispenser, safes, rooms with limited access.

  • In Government buildings

  • Autonomous or combined with system for access control.

  • In stores and warehouses

  • For control and preventing of theft and misusage.

  • In industry

  • For control of production processes, logistics, goods and people traffic.

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