IP cameras PIXEYE

IP Cameras Pixeye represent the new generation intelligent video surveillance systems. They are developed using the last achievements of the semiconductor technology and software for video compression. They give a necessary basis for effective building of quality video platform that can be upgraded.

The wholy digital way of compression and transmission of the signal allows the quality to be keeped completely on the way from the camera video sensor to the surveillance monitor. The flexibility of IP networks allows you to spread the video information from the cameras to the places where it is necessary and to record it on digital device – harddisk, USB sticks, DVD etc.

PixEye offers integrated systems which ensure realization of different projects – from remote surveillance with one camera to a complicated system, containing hundreds of cameras and server network for videorecording.

End of the vibrating images from analog cameras

The quality of the image is a result of precise selection of components and technologies at the project stage:

  • High quality video sensor that ensures brilliant colours and extremely low noise.
  • Precise algorithms for image compression.
  • Proved technologies – automatic exposure (AE), auto electronic shutter (AES), automatic white balance (AWB), BackLight Compensation (BLC), Progressive Scan, etc.
  • High quality algorithm for video compression Motion JPEG allows to define the proper correlation between data flow size and quality. It ensures entireness of the separate frame which means that the shooted material can be used as evidence.

    • Document thief by analog camera

      Image, taken by analog camera, printed at 300 dpi

      Document thief by digital camera

      Image, taken by 2 MPix IP camera, printed at 300 dpi

      Here are some of the technologies which guarantee the quality of the image:

      • AE/AES (Auto exposure)
      • AGC (Auto Gain Control)
      • AWB (Auto White Balance)

      A sharply contrasting image and realistic colours regardless of the lighting.

      • BLC (Backlight Compensation)
      • Progressive Scan - A superior method of presenting a video image in which all the horizontal lines of an image are displayed at one time in a single frame, unlike an interlaced scan in which a frame consists of two separate fields with the first field consisting of odd horizontal lines and the second field even horizontal lines.
      • Night Mode – PixEye offers combination of opportunities for using by low light levels.

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