Camera Installation Utility

Automatic detection of the camera over the network. It gives you an information about IP and MAC addresses of the active devices.

PixEye Detective

To take a full advantage of your video surveillance system you need reliable, functional and intelligent software. Our long experience in developing of software products allows us to design and to create especially for our customers professional application for video surveillance - PIXEYE DETECTIVE®.

This software is suitable for different types of video surveillance system and compared to the other accessable solutions it is integrated one. The advantage is that the software runs in synchronisation with the camera, which allows controlling of the full functionality of the camera.

PIXEYE DETECTIVE® offers the whole variaty of video surveillance instruments – from the installation of the camera to the recording and reviewing of video materials.

Here are some of his capabilities:

  • Automatic detection of the camera over the network – useful instrument when you are installing a new camera. It allows quickly addition of the cameras to the list of the embedded devices in the network.
  • Adding, changing and deleting of cameras in the list of the embedded devices – through IP address or host name.

  • Single View Mode - in this mode you have the opportunity to watch in real time one of the cameras in your device list. You can also control the setting parameters of the choosen camera – resolution, level of compression, brightness, contrast, exposure etc. You can see the change you have made immediately on the screen.
  • Digital Pan-Tilt-Zoom - function accessible for megapixel models, it allows to zoom in and zoom out in real time. DPTZ lets you virtually move around a large image using a smaller viewing window without moving parts and without loss of image quality.
  • Multi View Mode - it lets you watch simultaneously all active cameras in real time, you can watch 1, 2, 4, 8 till 16 cameras.
  • Recordings Mode - it allows you to view the recordings from the separated cameras by selecting its IP address, date and hour.

You can watch every one from the modes in the active window or on full screen. The software performs simultaneously the function of network video recorder and matrix for video surveillance.

PIXEYE DETECTIVE® offers flexible opportunities for recording – constantly, schedule recording time or motion detection recording. The motion detector offers intuitive graphic editor for indication of control areas of each camera as well as precise control of the sensitivity and threshold level.

All events as open motion, falling away of a camera, collapse of the electrical supply and others can be viewed in the log files.

The software PIXEYE DETECTIVE® is compatible with Windows XP or Windows Vista.

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