PixEye Detective

Download Pixeye Detective v.1.5. Software requres Microsoft .NET Framework (which is included in the installation package). To install unzip the install package and start the installation.
The software is provided FREE of charge to use with all PIXEYE cameras.

LuxRiot DVR/NVR Software

Download LuxRiot 1.7.1 LuxRiot is a Digital Video Recording (DVR) and remote surveillance software package for Windows. The software supports all PIXEYE products and more than 600 other camera models and capture boards from 55 manufacturers.
Shareware version of Personal Edition is intended for the evaluation purposes only. Therefore, it has limited functionality, such as server does not accept remote connections, server cannot run as a Windows service, supports only one camera and recording time is limited to 5 gigabytes of storage space. You can try it first, and then buy it if you like it.
To purchase activation key please contacts us.

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